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Display all your awesome LEGO creations and keep them out of the reach of younger siblings with the help of the Brick Showcase Cabinet. A full 4 ft tall and 2 ft wide and deep and equipped with slide out drawers, the Brick Showcase Cabinet will fit even your largest LEGO masterpieces. 

Brick BOSS Table & BOSS Table Executive

The Brick BOSS Table has room to store ALL your LEGO bricks and make them easier to find. The BOSS Table does for LEGOs what a bookshelf does for a library, it makes bricks easier to find and keeps them off the floor and out from under foot. The 36 inch wide and 18 inch deep brick chest stands 2 feet high and comes with four extra large drawers that can easily fit LEGO collections in excess of 20,000 bricks. 

Brick Showcase Cabinet

LEGO Brick-compatible knobs to customize your living space and to fulfill all your crafty needs.

Build-On Brick Knobs

What is Brick Innovations?

We make LEGO themed children's furniture and LEGO themed furniture knobs for modern living spaces. Our products store your brick collections and creations and keep them organized and out from under foot. Our emaphasis is on enabling brick organization and storage and providing functional design space so that you and your children can enjoy the unstructured and creative development that interlocking building bricks provide.

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